The Housing Committee focuses on improving affordable housing opportunities for formerly incarcerated people.


The Education Committee is made up of education providers and stakeholders working to improve access to opportunity.


The Employment Committee focuses on providing access to stable employment for formerly incarcerated people through workforce development


The Health Committee focuses on improving health outcomes and access to health care for formerly incarcerated people.


The Legal Committee is made up of legal service providers and stakeholders working to reduce collateral consequences for formerly incarcerated people.

First Responders

The First Responders Committee is made up of advocates, outreach workers, case managers and on-the-ground staff that work with formerly incarcerated people every day.

Women's Issues

The Women's Issues Committee understands that women face unique challenges in their reentry and works to address their specific needs.

Community led, community focused

Each of these workgroups are made up of community members with an expertise and interest in the focus area. The work of these workgroups will lead to policy platforms, procedural changes and action steps that will be endorsed by the Task Force as a whole.

Next Steps...

Fill out our contact form and let us know what workgroup you would like to join.  A committee member will contact you.